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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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right now and investigation led san jose student who said she was taken a knifepoint and forced to drive to the state of oregon. start we are learning more about the teenagers killed in a violent crash yesterday in alameda. new details about the condition in which police officers found tiger woods before she was -- he was arrested. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm allie rasmus. we are learning about a san jose state student who police say was abducted at knifepoint and forced to drive with her captor to oregon. >> that's where the woman says she made a daring escape on friday. alex savidge joining us live in from the newsroom with more on this case. >> reporter: good afternoon. investigators in oregon believe this young woman was taken at knifepoint from her san jose apartment complex early on friday morning. authorities say she was then forced to drive her own car all the way up to oregon where she
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finally made a run for it. county, oregon, say they got a 911 call on friday night reporting a friend woman who was running down the street in a community of brandon. you can see this image from google street view. the woman told investigators she had been kidnapped earlier that day and san jose by a man she did not know who made her drive all the way to oregon. >> she was told to drive north at the beginning and then they made a couple of stops along the way for fuel. as soon as the car came to a halt able to escape from the car and run into the brush. >> reporter: authorities say the woman was treated for bruises to her face. they do not believe she was sexually assaulted while being held captive. the 22-year-old san jose state student was set to graduate
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this past weekend but when her parents showed up at her apartment for the ceremony, she was not there. there was never a missing persons report filed with the san jose police department. the sheriff's office in coos county, oregon, did find that young woman's abandoned car in that same area where she was eventually located. they searched for her abductor but did not find that man. he is still out there and still on the run. obviously, a thorough investigation is going on right now. the san jose police department is in charge of the investigation. we reached out to them for comment this morning and have not yet heard back. by the way, the victim in this case i'm being told is now back in the bay area with family. oregon say anything about whether the victim knew her abductor? >> no. they were very clear about that. the victim was adamant that she did not know who this man was. this was a stranger to her and someone who came up to her somewhere inside her apartment
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complex. we understand the abduction did not happen in her apartment but somewhere in her complex. she was taken by a man she said she had never met before. fremont police are investigating what led to the fourth officer-involved shooting so far this year. this happened round 4:00 yesterday afternoon at a shopping center off mowry avenue. fremont police say one of their officer shot the man because he was holding a two foot long metal pipe and threatening people. >> the officer was chasing the young black man and he was telling him to stop drop it stop, drop it. and the like -- drop what? >> the man who was shot was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery last night. fremont police say the man survived the surgery. the plan to speak with his doctors about his condition later today and provide an update. we are waiting to hear more about the officer who fired the shots. how long he's been with the department is not known.
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fremont police say they do not expect to release any more details about the shooting until later this week. vacaville police are expected to release more information after officer shot and killed a man falling a chase on interstate 80 yesterday morning. police were following a white honda that was reported stolen from the city of davis. officers try to pull the car over but the driver sped off down interstate 80. police say the taze eventually ended the vacaville premium outlets. police used their cars to block the driver and stop the vehicle. moments later there was a confrontation and two police officer shot and killed the suspect. alameda county coroner has confirmed the two people killed in yesterday's crash in alameda were a 17 boy and girl. five others were hurt. >> amber lee has the details from the coroner's office plus the description of the incident from witnesses. >> reporter: it was around 5:45 pm, nearly 10 hours after a
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deadly crash, that busy park street was finally reopened to traffic. office has identified the teenagers killed. 17-year-old breanna ortega of hayward and simon sotelo, also 17. he has family in union city but where he lives is unconfirmed. >> i heard a loud noise. it sounded like glass breaking. it went on for a while and finally i heard a further loud bang. i ran outside and there was someone laying in the middle of the street. and the truck was torn apart. >> reporter: dana tells me she called 911 and took this photo with her cell phone. she said she saw several people trapped inside the truck including the boy in the red t- shirt in the front passenger seat. she says he was around 14 and was the only passenger who appeared to be conscious. >> heartbreaking. devastating. >> reporter: another witness told police the gmc truck was southbound on park street when it collided with a minivan traveling westbound on tilden
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way. police have not said if drugs and alcohol are factors. >> it's really sad that not only two lives lost but other lives impacted. the families and other people out here. it's a very sad day. >> reporter: police say everyone in the truck were in their teens and early 20s. a fire captain tells me firefighters need to pry the doors open and use the jaws of life to extricate the people trapped inside. witnesses told police the driver of the truck was speeding. police did not say how fast the driver may have been going. >> >> reporter: the speed limit on park street is 25 miles an hour. neighbors say is not always heated and there's been other serious collisions here. and now this one on memorial day. >> we are honoring soldiers for what they did for us and to see this, it was a little depressing. >> reporter: the female driver of the minivan was alone and she suffered from non-life threatening injuries. police say the other people in the gmc pickup truck were transported to area hospitals. they suffer from critical
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injuries. in alameda, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today the south perry jury deliberations continue in the case of three santa clara accused of beating to death a jail inmate. the deputies are charged with the murder of michael tyree in 2015. defense attorneys argued in court that tyree may have slipped, fallen or killed himself. 's body was discovered in his cell. if convicted the deputies could spend the rest of their lives in prison. a jury is deliberating in napa county in the murder case of three-year-old, kayleigh slusher. her mother, sara lynn kroger and crigger's boyfriend, ryan warner are accused of killing kroger's the real daughter in 2014. jurors have reached a verdict against crigger but that verdict is sealed until the warner verdict has been reached which could happen at any day. testimony in the cases was heard simultaneously by the same judge. bart police are
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investigating car break-ins at various bart station parking lots yesterday. there were nine auto burglaries at the millbrae station, one and cola and the other at the el cerrito del norte station. bart has seen a 22% spike in crime this year according to its former interim police chief. a bart spokeswoman told us that car breaks and's are actually down over the past two years as well as auto thefts. they have added extra patrols at parking lots. the bart system was plagued with persistent delays this morning. that was due to two medical emergencies, a track problem at the lake merritt station and disabled train outside the transbay tube in oakland. the problems started around 6:45 am. the delays on some lines were as long as 30 minutes. we are now learning new details about tiger woods' dui arrest. the new information now revealed in a police report about how officers discovered the pro golfer. it may be nearly june but they area temperatures feel like february.
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coming up, meteorologist steve paulson will let us know when things could warm up. an emergency declared in one bay area county. it's in regards to mandatory overtime for deputies. live-stream your favorite sport,
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we have new information about the dui arrest of tiger woods. police found him asleep at the wheel of his car yesterday morning. police say they motor on his
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2015 mercedes was running with the right blinker flashing woods's speech was slurred. he said he was not drunk but instead suffering from an unexpected reaction to prescription medications. the city statement which read in part "i would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and fans. i will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again." majorly expected is expected to handout suspensions after a fight during yesterday's game at at&t ballpark. >> and the pitch -- and he hits harper. and harper is going to go out. and now we have a beef. >> the washington national star, bryce harper, was hit with a fastball giants reliever hunter strickland for both players landed some punches before the benches cleared. this was apparently simmering since 2014 when harper hit two home runs off of strickland in
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the playoffs. the players have not faced off against each other since the. strickland and harper say -- were both ejected from the game. >> that so in the past that it's not even relevant anymore. like i said, they won the world series that year and i don't even think you should be thinking about what happened in the first round. he should be thinking about wearing that ring home every single night. >> both players are likely to face suspensions and fines. the nationals won this game. the teams face off tonight at at&t park. for the 80s it was a game of home runs. yesterday oakland battle the cleveland indians. both teams had three home runs. this started with this home run from yonder alonso. that shot was followed by a homer from ryon healy at another home one and the ninth from chris davis going deep for the 16th time this year. in the end, the a's came up short. damian swann with a final of 5- 3. mike brown is back at practice today after recovering
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from food poisoning. he got sick yesterday. he missed practice monday but steve kerr was able to attend. the coach that as of now it does not look like he will be able to coach game one against the cavaliers on thursday. he's been unable to sit on the bench because of complications from back surgery. the warriors are warning fans about fake tickets being sold for the final games being played at oracle arena. this morning on ktvu fox 2 news, we spoke with the senior vice president of business development. >> we see about 40 fraudulent tickets come to the box office each game. we have the best fans in the world in our opinion. we really want to protect them. what we do is educate people. there's only one place -- those hundreds of sites out there -- there is one place that you can guarantee your tickets will scam. that is >> knockoffs are usually not made with quality material.
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happy partly sunny, mostly sunny for some. cool and windy. and an unusual pattern for the end of may. i don't see much change. we had howling gusts in travis this morning. 40 mile-per-hour in the altamont pass. san francisco in nice bagels, 25-35 miles an hour. we have a lot of drizzle this morning as well. low clouds veered off sooner but higher clouds are coming in and i think we will cool off quickly. we will be cloudy and mostly cloudy but tonight. a possibility of some rain tomorrow morning. before we get there, it won't be tonight. the nationals in their series with the giants my. bundle a. mostly cloudy m-59 with a westwind at 25. we have a low cloud deck but then it started to retreat. there were a few more breaks than we seen the past couple of mornings. higher clouds are racing in and you can see the leading edge of one band and here's the next one.
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it's not well organized. there are hints of precipitation off the north coast. some of that may work its way into tonight and tomorrow. after that system i think we will get more of a break on higher pressure. not very long. it looks like a cool pattern for a while. breezy, blustery or windy. everything is onshore. west or southwest or northwest. gusts at 30 miles an hour in travis. the temperature difference -- we really cooled off yesterday. some locations are a little warmer. that may have to do with some cloud cover. we are generally about the same or slightly above compared to 24 hours ago. the higher clouds are working their way and. the secondary system will come in late tonight and tomorrow. this one looks to have more punch. it's not really organized but there is a possibility of maybe some rain. not too much but a couple one hundredths or 0.04. that would be tomorrow morning. but tomorrow afternoon a lot of this is on the backside and by
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thursday we can kick this out of here and get high pressure to build. don't be surprised tomorrow morning if we do get a little bit of precept. 50s, 60s and 70s today. inland temperatures are staying way below average for this time of year. somewhere down the road we need to warm up. we will past thursday. it looks like friday and saturday inland will be a little warmer. local transit officials are looking at a plan to increase express lanes on the peninsula. the proposal could provide a continuous express lane in each direction of highway 101 through san mateo county. that would mean adding the express designation do lanes on highway 101 from interstate 380 near sfo all the way to embarcadero road where the liens and north of highway 237 and santa clara county. officials say that would encourage drivers to carpool or use public transit. the lanes would also allow solar drivers to use them if they pay. there will be two public meetings to discuss the idea. the first is a 6:30 pm tomorrow.
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contra costa county officials are trying to get more people to carpal. residents are being offered a reduced rate of $2.02 used in san francisco-based app called scoop. the app helps people find fellow commuters to carpool with. users can schedule a morning and afternoon pickup. the app will match them with people nearby. the reduced rate is funded by $30,000 from a voter approved sales tax. scoop has also partner with other cities including pleasanton, san mateo, palo alto and santa clara county. cybersecurity experts are warning about an increase in cyber attacks on social media. according to two recent studies, 30 presented emails containing malicious files were opened last year. when it comes to messages on social media, that rate doubles to 66%. experts warn that malicious files can come in any form. in a recent case, the new times reports that russian hackers managed to gain access to a pentagon official's computer through a twitter post that promised a family vacation.
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the white house continues to downplay questions swirling around the president's son-in- law and his dealings with russian officials. the latest on the investigations by congress and the fbi.
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structures of amazon topped $1000 shortly after the market open. that makes amazon one of five american listed companies to have their stock price ever hit
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four digits. amazon's total value is now at $478 billion. that is twice the value of walmart and 15 times bigger than target. amazon started in 1995 selling mostly books. since then it has changed the retail buying experience looking at the stock right now, it is trading at $998. u.s. stocks are taking some small losses today as energy companies slump with the price of oil. the dow jones is down 41 points right now. a member of president trump of a staff is stepping down. today we learned that mike dubke , his communication director, is resigning. he joined the administration three months ago and helped shape the president's message. according to reports he resigned two weeks ago but offer to stay through the president's first trip in order to ensure a smooth transition. this comes as the president is reportedly considering a larger shakeup of his communication
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staff and other key personnel. president trump continues to stand behind his son-in-law despite recent reports that the fbi is looking into whether jared kushner sought back tunnel communications with russia. >> kris jenkins has the latest on that investigation. >> reporter: congress and the investigate are impossibly -- investigating ties between trump officials and russia widely believed behind a series of cyberattacks aimed at influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. recent headlines have implicated the president's son- in-law, jared kushner, who also serves as a senior white house advisor, he is behind an effort to establish a secret back channel between the trump transition team and moscow. >> back channels like this are the regular course of business and that's really all that we know. >> reporter: jared kushner has not denied meeting with russian ambassadors at jump -- trump tower. sources close to christian or chamber focus was syria. president trump is defending kushner saying he has total
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confidence in him in tweeting this morning saying "russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the dems lost the election has taken over the fake news." a fordoche a source tells fox news it was the russians who sought a permanent communications back channel during the meeting and not jared kushner. kushner himself says he is eager to cooperate with investigators. the white house may soon reverse u.s. policies on cuba. fox business is reporting a full review into president obama's executive actions on u.s.-cuban relations has nearly been completed. the obama administration restore diplomatic relations with cuba and softened regulations on trade and travel to the communist country but the trade embargo with cuba that's been in place for 60 years has not been lifted by congress. last week 55 u.s. senators filed legislation to end all remaining restrictions on travel to cuba. manuel noriega, the former dictator of patmos to -- panama has died. he recently suffered a
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hemorrhage after brain surgery. he was once a key u.s. ally but was removed from power in 1989 by u.s. forces. noriega was later sent to prison in the u.s. on drug and money laundering charges. he was also jailed in france and in panama for murder, corruption and embezzlement. noriega was placed on house arrest in january to prepare for his brain surgery. he died at the hospital after suffering complications from that surgery. in england today, the train station near the site of the terror attack reopened a week after the tragedy. british officials placed wreaths at the manchester victoria station today. the station is attached is the arena where the ariana grande concert was going on.'s suicide bomber set off his explosives outside of that arena. the station had been closed while the investigation into the attack continue. ariana grande way will return to manchester this weekend according to her
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publicist. she is holding a benefit concert on sunday for victims of last week's bombing. she will be joined by big names including coldplay, justin bieber and katy perry. proceeds will go to an emergency fund set up by the city and the british red cross. still ahead, and 82-year- old man credited with saving his wife from an attacker in their home. >> i have a duty to protect my family. >> reporter: >> how his quick thinking helped land that attacker behind bars. a lawsuit eight years in the making. why thousands of veterans claim a controversial military program for their health issues and how they say resident trump can help them.
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welcome back. a woman is recovering after being attacked in front of her home by an intruder. >> her attacker may have gotten away had it not been for the quick action of her 82-year-old husband. >> i have a duty to protect my family, my home, myself. >> reporter: yousef youkhaneh said his call to duty came late sunday afternoon . the suspect, rehnu singh, tried to break into a back window while he was inside. his wife of 53 years,
12:30 pm
christina, came outside and was attacked with an 18 inch club. the savage and is of the beating left blood splattered on the backdoor. >> i tried to bend over to put the shoe on. boom. oh my god, she hit my head. >> reporter: hearing his wife scream, he sprang into action. he hurried outside and confronted the attacker and put up a battle starting at the rear of their house on mckee road and ending all the way in the front. >> more than 10 minutes, we fight with each other. she was like a tiger. really! very strong. >> reporter: despite a disadvantage in age and suffering bites and scratch wounds, youkhaneh fended off the attacker, holding on to her ankle until santa clara county >> it's one of those stories where we as deputies see this man as a hero. 82 years old and defended his
12:31 pm
wife and actually apprehended a burglar. >> reporter: rehnu singh is being held without ball in the county jail. she's charged with attempted burglary , assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse and parole violation. deputies see yousef youkhaneh as a hero and took time to bask in his limelight. his wife apparently has a higher standard for heroism. >> your wife save you. he caught the person who did this to you?, yes. she was running away anyway. >> reporter: thanks to the valiant effort of this immigrants, the criminal was caught and is now behind bars. >> with all of my power, i catch the bad people.>> reporter: in east san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. deputies were work and it tori overtime from now until september according to a report from the san francisco examiner. there are now 840 deputies working in the county jail which is 75 fewer deputies than needed for a full staff.
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the paper said sure vicky hennessy has declared a staffing emergency and that requires deputies to work 12 hours of overtime every pay period. managers will work an extra eight hours per pay period. sheriff hennessy said until now volunteers have offered to work so it was not necessary to require everyone to work overtime. closing arguments have resumed for the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder trial. the jury that convicted antolin garcia-torres of killing the morgan hill teenager is also deciding whether he should get the death penalty or be sentenced to life in prison. jury deliberations continue in the trial of four man accused of the shooting death of a mother. shamil pierce was killed trying to protect her children from a shootout in front of her oakland home. the case went to the jury last wednesday. in march 2015, she had just picked up two of her kids from school when the shooting began. in closing arguments, the prosecutor said everyone who participated in the gunfight is guilty of her murder and it was
12:33 pm
"a miracle more people were not her." defense lawyers claimed the shooting was in self-defense following a fight between two groups of people. the oakland city attorney is expected to officially recommend that the city settled the case involving the sex scandal at the oakland police department. the city attorney is set to make the recommendation at the council meeting. the claimant thought by jasmine abuslin is for $989,000. she was originally seeking $66 million. the 19-year-old has also filed claims against the cities of richmond, livermore and san francisco as well as alameda county. over her alleged exploitation by officers. governing board will no longer pay for lavish meals and parties. that decision comes after the san francisco chronicle reported that the board has spent almost a quarter million dollars on those dinners since 2012 including a $17,000 banquet in january the night before the regents voted to raise student tuition. the dinners were charged with private endowment and not paid for by public money or tuition.
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janet napolitano said the board of regents will stop the practice in order to avoid westerns about the years of university funds. students at three san jose elementary school's will have to endure summertime temperatures in the classroom with literally. new air-conditioning systems will not be installed until june of next year. at arbuckle, cureton and mccollum elementary schools. students and their parents to the mercury news is an ongoing problem making it difficult for children to concentrate on their school work. new heating systems will also be put on hold. parents say while their child -- children are suffering, the district is building multipurpose rooms at two middle schools this year. construction manager say the elementary school projects cannot be done during the academic year because it would be do -- to disruptive. the nevada scrubber could give approval to install lights on the athletic but it samarin high school.
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the board approved certification of an environmental impact report for the project early this month.'s opponents and opponents are expected to pack the board meeting tonight. residents who oppose the lights say they would affect neighborhood views and wildlife in the area. supporters say the lights would make the area safer for students to play and watch sporting events. officials with cal osha said they are reviewing whether the waterslide called the emerald plunge at dublin's new water park have the appropriate water levers in the trough at the bottom of the slide when a tenured boy flew off this weekend. the boy was seen on camera flying off the slide at the new water park called the wave, 90 minutes after the park's grand opening. he was not seriously hurt but two of the threes waterslides to remain closed. it's likely the park will add padding to the concrete walkway near the slide as well as possibly in closing the open top parts of the slide. it's expected to remain closed until that happens. people and san francisco neighborhood are calling on the city to clean up their parked. neighbors around duboce park say they regularly find a dirty hypodermic needles, model and human waste at the playground
12:36 pm
and in their homes. they've complained to city hall and said they want to see the problem addressed. >> it's a common occurrence when we come to the park in the morning. some people have turned the playground into a camp. >> i wish we had more police presence. we had ab patrol for a while that seem to make a difference.>> supervisor jeff sheehy represent the district and said an increase police presence may not be the best solution. he said police are already overwhelmed dealing with calls to address homelessness citywide picture it's been a decade long process. a class action lawsuit involving a group of cold war era servicemen who were used in u.s. military sponsor chemical and biological weapons experiments. >> the law. -- the lawsuit which the courts in the early years of the obama administration and now eight years later, the group of veterans is hoping president trump can help them. >> you see this guy being carried by his medic and his nurse? that's exactly what it was like when i was in the protest agreement in 1968 while bill
12:37 pm
was serving in the army, he volunteered to be a test subject at edgewood arsenal, the army's richard love outside washington, dc. >> the medical volunteer company is an essential link in the chain of our national defense. >> reporter: between 1956 and in 1975, thousands of soldiers took part in top secret experiments to help the army develop biological and chemical warfare. he said he was exposed to cf tear gas three times and believes it cause his chronic health problems including leukemia. >> i inhaled a drug, a chemical, and within five minutes i cannot feel my legs. >> reporter: and 50 years later, frank says he still has nightmares after testing a potent hallucinogenic, so strong he thought the freckles on his arms had become insects. >> i went in the bathroom and try to cut the bugs out for my skin. >> reporter: frank and bill speak for 7000 cold war era veterans who in 2009 filed a class action lawsuit demanding treatment for health problems
12:38 pm
they claim were caused by these experiments. tests to develop weapons the army said would incapacitate enemy soldiers. >> incapacitated. not really hurt but temporarily useless in a military operation. >> reporter: in 2015, the ninth circuit court will be army must treat the so-called, edgewood that's. the government has refused saying the court's injunction would "improperly limit their discretion by specifying how the army will provide medical care." >> when did you first begin to notice any effects? >> reporter: the army insists the veterans must prove that disability is linked to their time at edgewood and they can only be treated at va facilities. >> we don't have time to wait for the va to say, you proved your case. we don't have time for that. >> reporter: no one from the army or justice department will talk to fox news citing the pending litigation. but former justice department lawyer and uc berkeley lauper professor said the government was to maintain control over
12:39 pm
how medical care is provided. >> the government is the one that has to balance costigan's benefit and try to find the most effect give, least costly way to get the job done. >> even with the litigation going on it seems that the government is kicking this down the road. >> reporter: frank and bill argue the case has languished long enough and hope president trump will order a meaningful settlement soon. >> he can be the hero. he can be the champion. >> he made a lot of promises. i'd like to see him keep those promises and i think it would do good for him to do that. >> reporter: resident trump recently signed a bill making it easier for some veterans to see their private doctor if they want to bypass the va system. but the law does not directly impact the ed which of veterans or their ongoing litigation against the justice department and cia now in its eighth year. we have new video of the man going on a hate filled rant, one day before he is accused of stabbing together
12:40 pm
two men on a train in portland. >> all this time we have a christian or a muslim. the bus driver -- i will stab you to. move forward. >> video shows the suspect, jeremy joseph christian, yelling obscenities on a train last thursday night. he had thrown a bottle of gatorade at an african-american woman who then maced them. investigators say the next day on another train, christian threatened two women, one of whom was wearing a hijab. three men interviewed by christian stabbed and killed two of them and slashed the neck of a third man who survived the attack. >> we turned around while they were fighting and he just started stabbing people. there was blood everywhere. we just started running for our lives. >> the two good samaritans who were killed were an army veteran and a recent college graduate.
12:41 pm
christian is due in court today. he had posted online comment supporting the neo-nazi movement. portland's mayor once a rally for president trump set up for this saturday in portland to be canceled fearing it may cause further problems. we have an update to a story we reported earlier. jurors in napa have convicted sara lynn kruger of murder, assault and torture in the death of her three-year-old daughter, kayleigh slusher. kruger and her boyfriend were both charged with killing the toddler in 2014. jurors have also reached a verdict in one of's trial. they are expected to read it soon. testimony in the two separate cases was heard simultaneously by the same judge with two different juries. kruger and one her face 25 years to life in prison. testing the nation's missile defense system. what's happening at a california airbase today and how it's related to recent missile tests in north korea. the possibility of sprinkles across parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. we will check back in with
12:42 pm
meteorologist steve paulson for the details and when we can expect things to warm back up. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the pentagon is taking preventive measures as tensions with north korea. the north -- >> as jonathan hunt reports, it's a test of the defense system we have to protect us in case a nuclear warhead is directed at an american city. >> reporter: the military is attempting to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic
12:45 pm
missile, similar to the one pyongyang is developing. it's happening at vandenberg air force base in california and as the director of the missile defense agency tells us in an exclusive interview, it's no easy task. >> is hitting a bullet with a bullet. >> reporter: the us is launching an unarmed missile from the marshall islands hoping to take it down with an interceptor launched from this space. this test comes one day after the north conducted a test of its own. firing a scud type ballistic missile which landed in japanese waters. >> they are demonstrating continued increase in capability, range, altitude, and capacity. >> reporter: fox also got an exclusive look at the 49th missile defense battalion at fort greeley, alaska. it's where nearly all the country's interceptors are based. service members their work on simulated attacks every day. >> when we are watching the
12:46 pm
news and see north korea preparing for a test, you are in a different level. >> absolutely. we are ready to fight tonight. >> reporter: north korea is believed to be a few years away from being able to target the u.s. mainland with a nuclear- tipped intercontinental ballistic missile. as today's test shows, the u.s. is taking no chances. at vandenberg air force base, jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. navy is using virtual reality to attract new recruits. they are using vr to put potential recruits in the middle of various missions. officials say it seems to be working. the navy says interest has doubled for sign-ups among those who have tried to virtual reality viewers. the navy has a mobile recruitment center that includes the new technology. australia plans to ban convicted pedophiles from
12:47 pm
traveling overseas. proposed new legislation would seize the passports of about 20,000 pedophiles were on australia's child sex offender registry. the government says it wants to protect vulnerable children in southeast asia from being exploited. there have been reports that hundreds of australian pedophiles travel to nearby southeast in -- south asian countries to abuse and exploit children. >> there will be new legislation which will make australia a world leader in protecting vulnerable children in our region from child sex tourism. >> 3200 serious sex offenders are on austria's child sex offender registry. if the legislation becomes a reality, they will be banned from international travel for life. good afternoon. we took the weather for memorial day and carried it over into tuesday. the end of may is feeling more like the end of march. we had a cool and windy pattern. a few more breaks in the clouds today compared to yesterday. the wind has been -- howling for some. higher clouds are beginning to
12:48 pm
overspread the area. i think they will thicken tonight into tomorrow as a system moves and. mostly cloudy tonight. game 2 of the nationals and giants. bundle up. mostly cloudy and 59. low clouds made a good push out to the sacramento valley today. it makes sense when you get that onshore wind at 40 miles an hour and travis. it did show more breaks than we have seen recently. the cloud cover is moving and and there is a system out there. it's not that will organize but it may give us enough cloud cover and the possibility of a little bit of light rain tomorrow. we had drizzle this morning. after that it does look like it will be better. up and down the coast, you can go from eureka and crescent city down to los angeles and san diego and find fog. they had thunderstorms yesterday in the sierra. they may bubble up again the atmosphere continues to be cool for us along with that westerly breeze. sfo, and northwest breeze. it is onshore from sea to land
12:49 pm
and will march out to the delta as well. temperatures are running about the same as yesterday, slightly above. most locations are running a little warmer. higher clouds will come in and take the edge off any warming. the system will work its way in with a lot of cloud cover late tonight and tomorrow. and maybe some rain. just a little. that would be tomorrow morning. our best opportunity. tomorrow afternoon we will be on the backside of epic we clear out and we get high pressure to build in. 50s and 60s on the coast in bay. upper 60s and low to mid 70s for many in areas that should be warmer than that. warmer weather is on the way past wednesday. there are signs that inland temperatures will get back into the 80s on friday and saturday. we are following breaking news in san francisco where a shelter in place is in effect in the city's tenderloin area. san francisco police tweeted this out they say someone tried to drop off an old explosive
12:50 pm
device at the tenderloin police station. as a precaution they have a shelter in place until they determine what the device is and if they can contain a. reaching out for help after a prized possession is stolen. next, what a local were veteran got in the mail to make him think his symbol of service is still out there.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
start a bay area veteran who served in desert storm is hoping for help tracking down one of his prized possessions. the menlo park man is looking for his army ranger challenge coin. >> it was stolen along with his wallet. ann rubin tells us he is desperate to get it back because of its deeply personal meaning. >> reporter: david hartman was near menlo park riding the motorcycle he built when they custom wallets he made went missing. it may have fallen out of his pocket or stolen but what the former army ranger does know is that he desperately wants its contents return. inside was a ranger challenge coin like this one displayed in a special cutout in the leather. >> it's a challenge coin. many fire or police or military units use challenge coins to show their pride and their affiliation to that unit they served with. >> reporter: where the coin in
12:54 pm
this photo shows a blank spot, his had a surreal number and was inscribed with the dates he served in his ranger unit from a one, 92 through 1994. it is come to represent his service. while it does not have monetary value, it is priceless to him. >> he carried it with him for the last 25 years. he had it with him every day. wherever he was or wherever we were he would have that going with him. >> reporter: shannon has started a campaign to get it back. >> i think there are a lot of good people in this work -- world. things get returned all the time. i put out a plea on facebook. to try to get the word out. >> reporter: david is hopeful. he recalls an incident where someone had their loved one's to one ashes returned in san francisco. >> this isn't somebody's loved one's ashes but it's my coin. it means a lot to me. it's what i have so far to carry with me, to remind me of what i used to do in the standard that i met back then
12:55 pm
it a try to keep that standard today. >> reporter: lo and behold, on may 25, two days after the wallet disappeared, if you of the missing items were returned. some ids were dropped off at the sunnyvale department of public safety. if you documents were anonymously met from oakland. david hopes of those senders understood the significance of that coin, they would return it also. >> i would like to say thank you through those people that return those items. i just want that coin back. the wall and made that it was in, i don't care. i just want that coin. >> reporter: they hope whoever has the coin will return it, no questions asked, to the sunnyvale department of public safety or to their nearest police station. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. right now we are working to learn more about the alleged kidnapping of a san jose state  university student. later today we will have reaction from san jose police which is the lead agency investigating and oregon police who helped the woman after she escaped. the details on this story today
12:56 pm
on the 4 at 2. back to napa. another update on that napa county murder case 03-year-old, kayleigh slusher. moments ago we learned a jury convicted the mother's boyfriend, ryan scott warner, in the taller's death in 2014. earlier today jurors convicted her mother, sarah kruger, and her death. testimony in the separate cases was heard simultaneously by the same judge but with two different juries. kruger and warner now face 25 years to life in prison. let's take another check of the big board. the dow is down about 48 points. the nasdaq is flat, down about 5 points. amazon was one of the big performers today. the stock price bumped above the $1000 mark. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always there for you at and you can follow us on twitter , facebook, whatever else you may have. all of it.
12:57 pm
>> have a great rest of your afternoon, everyone. thank you.
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dr. oz: today, people with superhuman strength, completely out of control. some acting like zombies. >> every gas station sold it. right at your finger tips. dr. oz:the dangers of new drugs hitting the streets. plus -- >> she's playing the bad cop, i'm playing the good cop. >> but you're enjoying it at the expense of the health of your family. dr. oz: the intervention for a family at odds over their overweight child. coming up next. at a look it's a person high on flaca, a timeser drug that's 10 more potent than cocaine. it makes people think they've got incredible hulk strength, and police say it is one of the most dangerous designer drugs to hit the streets. today an investigation into the new designer drugs popping up all around the country.


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